Thursday, 25 February 2010

Dante's Inferno

For a Gnomon Competition again... Theme was dantes inferno... I had a clever concept but has so much fun on the landscape that took over :)


  1. hey there Kim,

    Saw this piece on the gnomon competition. Thought it came out pretty solid.

    What was your first concept you were going for out of curiosity?

    Nice work!

  2. Capturing the idea of Dante's inferno in one illustration is a tall ask anyway, would probably need a multi level almost diagramatic interpretation to be accurate. But I like this convincing panorama effect it is a lot more fun to look at. Has a great Hudson River School feel sense of the vast epic. Difficult to get this kind of thing looking right. The landscape is excellent. Would be nice to see the figures tweaked, if you ever feel like revisiting it.

  3. I love how it draws you in - it just looks like trouble is looming.

  4. Trashy :
    Thanks :) The initial idea was to have an enormous queue for the only paddle pool in hell. everyone lining up for days for their 3 seconds of tepid enjoyment.

    Yeah, I think the theme was based on the game rather than the actual cultural reference, but I kinda skipped all of that and just thought I would paint lava so I could let my mind wander a bit.... have fun :) Figures do need lots of work... they were meant as stand ins at the end of a friday, then I realised the month was only 28 days so I had to submit as is. ill probably go revisit though when I get a chance.

    Este :
    Thanks :) Dont know if id be rushing to be drawn into that landscape though... haha. Ill paint a forest soon... much better to visit. :)

  5. Awesome stuff Kim, lovely colour pallette! Congrats on the VES award by the way!

  6. This should be at least in the top 3 :( ... it was awesome to seeing it forming.. it's like watching magic show! :D